tisdag, februari 10, 2009

Fun NBA facts...


Most points scored in a single game: Wilt Chamberlain March 2, 1962 (100 points) followed by Kobe Bryant Jan. 22, 2006 (81 points)

Most points scored in one half: Wilt Chamberlain March 2,1962 (59 points)

Most points scored in a quarter: George Gervin (33 points)

Most points scored in overtime: Gilbert Arenas December 17, 2006 (16 points)

Most three-point shots made in one game: Kobe Bryant, January 7, 2003 (12 shots)

Most three-point shots made in one half: Kobe Bryant, March 28, 2003 (8 shots)

Most three-point shots made in one quarter: Michael Redd, February 20, 2002 (8 shots)

Most points scored in a NBA All-Star game: Wilt Chamberlain (42 points)

Most points per game average in a NBA Season: Wilt Chamberlain, 1961-1962. (50.4 ppg.)

Most Points scored in a NBA Career: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), followed by Karl Malone 36,928, Michael Jordan (32,292), and Wilt Chamberlain (31,419).

Most points per game in a NBA career: Michael Jordan (32.12 ppg.)

Most seasons leading scorer: Michael Jordan (10)


Most steals in a single game: Larry Kenon, Dec. 26, 1976 tied with Kendall Gill April 3, 1999 with 11 steals.

Most steals in NBA career: John Stockton (3,625)


Most blocks in a single game: Elmore Smith, October 28, 1973 with 17 blocks.

Most blocks in NBA career: Hakeem Olajuwon (3,830)


Most assists in one game: Scott Skiles with 30 assists.

Most assists in NBA career: John Stockton (15,806), Mark Jackson (10,334), and Magic Johnson (10,141).


Most rebounds in a NBA Career: Wilt Chamberlin (23,924)

Most rebounds in a game: Wilt Chamberlin (55)


Most number of Regular Season MVPs: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6)

Most number of Finals MVPs: Michael Jordan (6)


Highest Win-Loss Record by a coach on a regular season: Phil Jackson (.713) W-891 L-359

Other Records

Most games played in Career: Robert Parish (1,611)

First NBA Champion: Philadelphia Warriors (1947)

Multiple champions: Boston Celtics (15)

Highest combined final score in a NBA game: Denver Nuggets vs. Detroit Pistons on December 13, 1983 (370 points). Detroit won 186-184 in 3 OTs.

Lowest combined points in a NBA game: Boston Celtics(62) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (57) on February 27, 1955 (119 combined points)

Best record by a NBA team in one season: Chicago Bulls, 1995-1996 Season. 72 wins and 10 losses.

Worst record by a NBA Team in one season: Philadelphia 76ers, 1972-73 season. 9 wins and 73 losses.

Longest winning streak: Los Angeles Lakers (33 games)

Longest home winning streak: Boston Celtics (38 games)

Longest losing streak: Cleveland Cavaliers (24 games)

Youngest player to score 1000 points: LeBron James (20 years and 41 days)

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