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Antonio Kellogg

In My Own Words: Antonio Kellogg

Antonio Kellogg By With Chris Nguon
Staff Intern
Posted Jul 16, 2003

Wassup y'all, I'm Antonio Kellogg from McClymonds High School in West Oakland. I'm heading into my senior year and my teammates and I hope to do a lot of big things this upcoming season. This is my first diary entry for CyberBears so I'll try to break things down to the fullest and say what's really going on around the high school basketball scene.

I recently just returned from the NIKE All-American camp. The camp was a good experience for me. I learned a lot while I was down there. I was going up against some of the best talent in the nation. For the first time I was able to play out of state and show some national observers what I could do. Met some really good people while I was down there.

I roomed with Amir Johnson. He was really cool. I was on a very talented team that included Rudy Gay, Daniel Gibson and Isaiah Swann. Our head coach was Ed Azzam from Westchester High School. He was a good guy. He helped me out and knew what he was talking about. Overall, the NIKE All-American camp was very satisfying for me personally.

Now I know some Cal fans have been wondering about me. People have been saying that I have the ability to play at Cal. But, those same people, including some observers on CyberBears, have questioned my commitment towards academics, my commitment towards my teammates, and my commitment towards making myself better. However, in an attempt to not be rude or obnoxious, I have to say that unless you know me personally or have consistently seen me play you really can’t question my commitment towards anything. It just wouldn’t be fair.

Now I realize that academics is very important in this time of my life because I see that all I have to do to play D1 is qualify. I’m taking this seriously right now as we speak. I’m not just talking, I’m making it happen. Just wait and see this coming year if you don't believe me.

Jason Green of NorCalPreps wrote I was the best talent in the State of California. Better than Demarcus Nelson, better than Quentin Thomas, better than anyone from LA. Personally, from his opinion, I do think I’m the best player in the state and without tooting my own horn, I honestly feel I’ve been playing well lately.

But, back to Cal. To be real though, if they offered me a scholarship right now I will take it. Plain and simple. GO BEARS!

And by the way, great thanks to the whole CyberBears crew for giving me this opportunity to express myself.

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