fredag, februari 27, 2009

30, lonely and Tea skrivet av Johanna Eriksson, 14 år.

A normal evening in London...

-Stupid,stupid,stupid.. How can I be soo stupid? Ask him a question like that?!? What was I Thinking??
Oh well, I knew what I were thinking, I was thinking that we could live happily ever ever after..
But it ended up like this, A lonely woman sitting on the concrete with 1,2,3 dollar and a retarded dog with a manicure.

Atleast I have dry clothes..OH CRAP,whats the point anyways!? I just might throw my self into that pool of water!
Shitty,poor,lonely me. What should I do now? Go and knock on doors and hope that I find a nice senior couple
who can take care of a 30 year old woman?..NO WAY.
*five minutes later*
- Hi! I was wonderin If I could just sleep here over the night?
- Oh, Of course dear! come in!
- Come here Chubby! Come *whistle*
- Thank you soo much miss..?
- Just call me Wanda dear, Do you want a cup of tea?
- Yes,thank you Wanda.
- Sugar, or milk?
- Sugar will be fine.
- So, what got you into this situation?
- Well.. My boyfriend threw me out...He dose'nt want to see me again.
- How do you know that?
- Well.. He said something like this.. *Blip,blip,blip*
(Man on the phone) - I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU EVER EVER AGAIN GRACEY! *blop*
- Oh dear, what did you do to upset that man Gracey? He sounded really angry.
- Well.. I asked..I asked..If he could stop seeing other women..
- And HE'S throwing YOU out!?
- uhm, Yes.
- He's an asshole..No wait, He's a cold dick in a mans asshole.
- Haha, Oh Wanda!
- You should'nt accept that Gracey.
- I know, But I love him...Im so sorry I draged you into this
- It's okay Gracey...I was actually hoping for something to happen this evening..Anyways, go to bed now, and I'll see you in the morning.

That's how it started...The Beginning of a very very long friendship...or atleast till Wanda died.

Author: Johanna Eriksson, 14 years old.

Min egen kommentar: Visst är Johanna begåvad och vilket härligt språk hon har. Jag är imponerad och jag gillar hennes humor och snabba repliker med härlig ironi. Lite grovt språk ibland men - det passar in i texten i övrigt så det blir maskerat till något annat mot för vad det egentligen betyder. Det är ju talspråk och det låter oftast så när man ser på film eller t o m när man läser engelsk litteratur allt är inte rosor och persikor i litteraturen heller. Ett svenskt exempel på någon som skulle behöva tvätta munnen med såpa och tvål har vi i Unni Drougge - jag kan inte läsa hennes böcker för alla grova ord och svordomar. Jag klarar inte att se förbi detta - jag tror nog att hennes berättelser är viktiga men jag som person klarar inte att se förbi dem som sagt.

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